11 South Grove London N6 6BS

Start date | 16 November 2019

End date | 29 November 2019


EFO Artists have again risen to the challenge, five years on from the successful 'Cycles' exhibition, this time producing new artworks which relate to the intriguing theme of 50:50. Some 40 EFO Artists were showing a wide range of wall hung work with some very original interpretations of the 50:50 theme ranging from David T Waller's mixed media piece exploring the experience of being a twin to Cathy Burkinshaw's atmospheric watercolour and acrylic of silver birches boldly bisected by a white fence.

Location: 11 South Grove London N6 6BS

Opening times

Tuesday -Friday 1-5pm

Saturday 11am-4pm

Sunday 11am-5pm

Price: Free

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