Lesley Andrew

About Lesley

I am inspired by patterns that occur in the world around me, both natural and manmade. My work is organic, intuitive and very much about surface texture and mark-making.

My Work

Working intuitively my work can be a response to an idea or concept I am exploring, or simply an exploration of the materials i am using and the effects I can achieve. I enjoy processes where I do not know what is going to happen. Accidents can give the best results!

I work with silver, gold and semi-precious and precious stones. Often the gold and stones are used to hi-light and emphasise some underlying formation or distortion in silver, which I have achieved through a heat or etching process.

No two pieces are the same: even a pair of earrings might not match exactly. This brings a liveliness and vitality to my work, which cannot be repeated.

I have been making jewellery for nearly twenty years. Trained as a conceptual artist, I turned to jewellery after a short period of not doing anything creative.

It was a new experience because it enabled me to play with materials in a very different way. Even so, some of the concerns of my earlier work continue to inform my jewellery making.

My inspiration comes from the world around me or from ideas and concepts that I want to respond to.

I welcome commissions from clients who want something more personal, or to mark a special occasion.


  • Regular exhibitor in Queen's Woods open air sculpture exhibitions 1999 - 2005
  • 'one foot two' group show Mafuji Gallery 2000
  • 'The Visual Haiku' group show Peterborough Art House 2001
  • 'Through the Surface' group show Hackney 2002
  • Lovers' Lights Gallery Wimbledon 2014
  • Shortlisted for CityLit Benchpeg Award 2014
  • Winner of CityLit ruby wedding jewellery design competition 2015
  • 'Breaking Boundaries' EFO group show Crouch End Library
  • 'Reflections' EFO group show Ply Gallery
  • Made London Design and Craft Fair Canary Wharf 2017
  • Made London Design and Craft Fair Canary Wharf 2018
  • '50:50' EFO group show Highgate Scientific and Literary Institute 2018
  • Made London Design and Craft Fair St Mary's, Marylebone 2018
  • 'Primavera' EFO group show Barbican Library 2019
  • Christmas Cracker’ Craft Fair Highgate Scientific and Literary Institute 2019

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