About Jackie

I am a three dimensional artist living and working in East Finchley North London.

Email | jackierandall05@gmail.com

Tel | 07709 265 454

My Work

Jackie's sculptures bring the human form into focus, figuratively and sometimes in the abstract, with a glimpse of the models persona


  • EFOA Open House 2018
  • Barbican 2018
  • EFOA Open House 2019

Other Artists


David Gilbert

My sculptural work is figurative, expressing movement and emotional energy; I am also a colourful painter and printmaker.

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Francesca is a potter, painter and ceramic sculptor. She makes original, expressive and accessible work for home and garden.

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Playing with Textures

Clara Hancock

Clara is an artist drawing and painting on silk, sculpting in stone, wood and clay and fusing glass.

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Paula asleep

Ruth Bross

Ruth is a painter and sculptor whose work explores the transition of movement and energy between our inner & outer worlds

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